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BULGARIA 2006, Wine Growing and Poduction, 5 Leva, Silver 500/1000, coloured, 23,3 gr

2006 Wine Growing


BULGARIA 2005, Treasures of Bulgaria, Gold Mask of Teres, 10 Leva, Silver 999/1000 partially gold plated, 20 gr.

2005 Gold Mask

BULGARIA 2004, St. Nicholas, Miracle Worker, 10 Leva, Silver 999/1000, partially gold plated 23,3 gr. 8000 Minted

2004 St. Nicholas Coin

BULGARIA 2003, 60 Years since saving of the Bulgarian Jews, 10 Leva, Silver 925/1000, 23,3 gr. Only 2000 minted

2003 Saving Bulgarian Jews Coin